Carl White is the Executive Producer and Host of Carl White’s Life in the Carolinas, an Emmy nominated and award winning syndicated TV show that features the great people and places of the Carolinas.

This Week’s Words

Over the years, Carl discovered that producing a TV show is not for the faint of heart. However, he also discovered there are many advantages to being a Producer. Most importantly, people like to share their stories. It’s hard to tell a good story if people will not talk to you.

In 2016, Carl began writing a weekly column published throughout the Carolinas. Carl also began sharing the online editions through his Life in the Carolinas social media accounts, inviting his friends and followers to enjoy ‘this week’s words,’ and the phrase stuck.

“When I was first asked to consider writing a regular column for newspapers, I had no idea how long it would last or if people would care to read it. I remember the first person I ran into that told me they enjoyed reading my weekly words. The thing that intrigued me most was they did not even watch the TV show, they just liked reading the column.”

Carl’s syndicated column features stories about his journey as a TV producer and host. Carl says “I am writing about the people I meet as I travel and the interesting places visited. They do not all end up on TV, but a lot do and everyone becomes a friends. It's a wonderful journey.” Newspapers are great, and Carl enjoys seeing words in actual print with a little ink on the fingers just for dramatic effect. The online editions offer quick and vivid color content that gives us instant gratification, and this also is a good thing.

Already, Carl has received recognition for his writing from the North Carolina Society of Historians:

2018 Publication Award for articles Dolley Madison and the Easter egg Roll, Carolina Moonshiners, and 1915 Then and Now

2017 Publication Award for articles From Under the Water to the White House, A Love Story with a few Twists and Turns, Black Walnuts White Squirrels and a Bucket List, Coffee and a Good Life, Some Observations about Daniel Boone, and Three Presidents and a Possibility

Carl was also named the North Carolina’s Society of Historians , 2018 Historian of the Year.

Take a glimpse inside this annual gathering and learn a bit more about Carl and the many other talented individuals who have worked tirelessly to bring North Carolina’s past, present and future to the forefront in the video below.

To learn more about the NC Society of Historians or to see the full list of the 2018 and prior years’ recipients, visit their website at: