A Cause Somewhere in the Middle

A Cause Somewhere in the Middle

In a conversation not that long ago with a friend, he said to me, "You know, I don’t think you take a firm public stand on many things. You do so many feel good stories that you seldom take a position for a cause of injustice or anything big. 

I listened patiently and allowed the conversation to come to a natural conclusion and end on a positive note. I wanted more time to consider what he was trying to say. Folks will sometimes think you are not interested aboutan issue if you do not enthusiastically agree with them. 

You see, I’ve been working on producing/writing and sharing the kind of stories that inspire and make us feel better about life. Stories about real people who endeavor to be the best they can be. The individuals I enjoy talking with the most are those who spend more time doing rather than complaining. 

There are many causes to be excited about, but it’s not logical to expect anyone to champion them all. 

I like sharing stories about places I find interesting, and as it turns out many of our viewers and readers like them as well. 

I truthfully have no idea what true perfection is, and the thoughts of taking on the task of discovering what is the perfect this or the perfect that is more than I can tackle.  

Based on the thousands of conversations I have had with people, I believe that most of us live somewhere in the middle of life. By that, I mean that most of us are not extreme in our views or actions. Instead, we are hardworking, peace seeking and relationship drivenfolks. 

We neither have the time nor inclination to be forever in an emotional struggle. It’s not that we don’t care about thingsbecause we do, and at times with great passion. 

We don’t always need to be the one taking credit, and often we prefer to remain anonymous in our deeds.  We realize the time limitations we have, and wejust want to work on being the best we can. It doesn’t always work out, but at least we try. 

So, as for me and my public stand on things, I will share with you a little something I have written about the love I have for my Carolina home:   


My Carolina Home

By Carl White

My heart

My soul

My very being

Longs for the comfort of my Carolina home

A place where people care enough to listen to the stories of life

A place where success is celebratedand failure is merely the sound of another door opening

My Carolina home is filledwith hugs, biscuitsand sweet tea

Our ghosts are friendlyand our pirates are epic

Our shores are linedwith the passage of time

Our mountains are a refuge from the troubles of life

People come from near and far to feel her loving embrace

We freely share our glorious place with those who come to be part of our ways

We know some will try to change the way we are

But we also know that it is they who will change with the passing of the days

My Carolina home is sweet and kind

She will be soft and strongfor those who linger for a time

She has a backbone as strong as steel, and she knows just how to make you feel

Like you can’t wait to get back home when you’ve been away for a while

That’s my Carolina home



I remain committed to producing/writing and sharing even more “feel good stories” because our viewers, our readers and I like them. They make us feel better,and that’s a good think. 

So that’s my grand cause and my official publicstand. 

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